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Friday, December 23, 2005

Why another blog?

Having really enjoyed several blogs over the past couple of years, I have often been tempted to create one of my own. However, I didn't really feel that the St. Blog's community needed to be burdened with my possibly not very interesting comments that would be variations on the many thoughtful posts of folks like Amy Welborn, Mark Shea, Phil Blosser or Fr. Neuhaus.

So what could I contribute? Well, as it turns out, when I finish reading theology, philosophy or history, my favorite books are cookbooks. I have worked as a cook at a restaurant in Washington, D.C. (which is still standing--the fact that I didn't burn it down should prove that I passed that minimal test for kitchen competence), ran a small breakfast nook at the Dorchester Yacht Club, and I also worked as a cook in a New Hampshire hospital. Most of my cooking, however, has been for my family and for church potlucks and fundraisers

Hoping that certifies my bona fides, what will I be writing here?

Well, recipes, for one, but also, I hope, some thoughtful posts on the place of food in the everyday life of a Christian, and as a part of our celebration of God's mighty works in history. There are many great cookbooks that explore the place of food in Christian culture, and there are even more less known works, including the many church published fundraiser cookbooks.

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