Garden Diary

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our garden continues to grow, and the promise of fresh provisions, a mere wisp of hope a few weeks ago, is growing more and more concrete. Here are some photos from last night.
Tiny cucumbers adorn the vines which are climbing up chicken wire. Meanwhile, there's plenty of blossoms on the yellow squash, but no squash so far.

There are lots of small peppers and tomatoes on the vine too. Quite a difference from just a month ago.

Tomatillos and chard. I planted the tomatillos about 5 years ago. They keep coming back. We've been getting ready for the harvest by collecting recipes for mole.

The first eggplant has shown up, so we'll be having baba ganoush soon!

And tomorrow should be our first zucchini of the season (although you can't see it because it's hidden beneath the leaves).

Our pole beans are already far taller than I am (the poles in the foreground are over 6 feet above ground).

Pretty as all the vegetables are, there are flowers around the yard too. Here are our glads.

Hues leaping heav'nward,
As roots, anchors in the soil,
fix them in the breeze

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